The Studio

Hazen has more than 15 years of professional experience in print and interactive branding.
Our studio develops unique visual solutions for clients who understand the value of design and know that it’s a smart investment in their brand. We use design to craft a brand’s personality and promise, to communicate in a clear, effective, and compelling way. Our approach is smart and deliberate and always takes full advantage of the medium, be it identity, print, or web. We bring a passionate design ethic, a meticulous attention to detail, dynamic visual sensibilities, and rigorous information design skills to every project—elevating the level of design delivered to the consumer while at the same time keeping it accessible and engaging.
Hazen Creative, Inc. Studio Detail
Hazen Creative, Inc. H logo, arrows, t-shirt
Hazen Creative, Inc. Office detail, the thinkin' spot
Hazen was founded by Shawn Hazen to put to use his years of experience with great companies like Apple Computer, Chronicle Books, and Dwell Magazine. Shawn feels strongly that great design makes a connection with people; it communicates with them, literally and emotionally. His philisophy is Hazen Creative’s philosophy: design is a crucial component of a great brand, whether it’s the way the brand presents itself in the marketplace or the design of its actual product. And this studio is dedicated to leveraging that idea for brands both large and small.

Our New Home

Seven-and-a-half years after opening the studio in Chicago, we moved the whole operation to Seattle. Chicago’s vibrant design and business climate was in many ways the perfect home for Hazen. But the actual climate got to be a bit too much, and the pull of Shawn Hazen’s native land of Seattle was strong. The equally amazing design and business culture in Seattle will suit us well. And our ability to work remotely with clients anywhere (which made this move possible in the first place) will continue to form the core of our business.