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What does your company do?

Choose 3 words to describe your company and how you want it
to be perceived in the marketplace:

Of the above qualities (or others) what is the one thing that
makes your company unique, or stand out among its competitors?

Who are your competitors?

Describe your target audience.

The following are some of the most salient characteristics of good logos.
Please choose the top three qualities that your logo should convey:

And which of the above is most important?

There are, of course, countless ways a logo can be designed. A good
starting point, though, is to establish which of the following best describe
its treatment:

Practical Considerations

What are the most important places the logo will appear?
(ie, the Web site, a business card, the side of a van, etc.)

Would you like us to design any of those things?

Are there any must-haves or nice-to-haves (ie, color, existing symbol, etc.)

Anything to avoid?

Are you aiming for a particular date to launch?

What is your target budget?

And lastly…

Find 2 to 3 examples of brands that relate to yours in the following categories.
Put their Web address where possible:

Brand in a similar situation to yours (new company, small company,
revitalizing an established brand, etc.):

Appeal to same target group of customers:

Appealing symbol, colors, “look-and-feel” (graphics and/or imagery):

Competitors or similar positioning:

Quality of product/service:

Personality (tone of voice, attitude):

Anything we missed?