Sometimes you don’t need—or want—to start from scratch. For this venerable literary agency, founded in 1977, all that was required was a big update to the logo and typography.


We’re doing a little freshening up of the web site. Just tidying here and there and trying out some new type and color. And, of course, adding some new work.


Pretty excited about the direction Forward Fitness chose for their logo. Of course, we were excited from the moment they asked for “an F made with arrows” after seeing our work for The Exchange. This is a nicely different take on it, signifying the growth or transition that this personal training consultant offers.


Hazen pal and collaborator David Sieren guest edited the latest issue of Mas Context magazine. Shawn Hazen has a picture and statement in the photo essay on “favorite objects” for producing work.


The cookbook we designed for Cooper’s Hawk is out! It was an amazing project for a fantastic client. The team, including Leslie Jonath of Connected Dots Media and the super-talented Stephen Hamilton and his crew, made the project a joy. And we’re so proud of the end product!


Excited to have been asked by Counter-Print to contribute work from two of our projects to the next issue of the design magazine Eight:48! Abstruckt and Trucking Company Logos from will be featured in the next issue, along with a little info about us.


That’s not just our opinion, it’s the title. “Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects.” And Hazen was asked to share a few things for the collection. Pick up a copy for yourself or check out the book’s site for more info.


Shawn curated a Very Short List on art/design process for today’s VSL Design Edition. “A Video Tour Of How Art Gets Made.“


Just brought our shop into this new site design. Check it out under “Our Work / Our Own Projects.” There’s a handful of things for sale there now and we have plans for more.


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