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A brand’s look is the most accessible way to express its personality. We bring brands to life through design. Most often, that means logos, web sites, and printed materials.

What We're Working On
Custom Type

Above is a sampling of some recent custom lettering. A couple of these might get turned into full fonts.

Custom type and lettering
Recent Project
Animated Stickers

Been doing a lot of animation lately. This is a set of animated gifs done as part of a larger series.

Road to Nowhere, by Eirik Johnson.

Road to Nowhere is a book by photographer Eirik Johnson commemorating the last days and demolition of the Alaska Way Viaduct, the elevated highway that ran through Seattle from 1953-2019. The book uses a double-sided accordion design to “present two final chapters of the Viaduct’s legacy as it was unwoven from the built fabric of the city.” Hazen designed the two-part title treatment for the covers.

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A Unique Jacket

This book showcases David Opdyke’s massive postcard art mural. We needed a way to show the entire wall-sized piece, but were limited by the relatively small size of the book. This is our solution: an outer jacket that folds out to a larger poster of the entire artwork.

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