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Hazen specializes in visual design for brands. Specifically, that means logos, web, and print.

Hazen specializes in one critical facet of branding: the visual. We’re experts in the visual implementation of brands. This overlaps with other areas, on which we consult—like positioning, voice, and online strategy. But our expertise is in bringing these things to life through design.

A brand’s look is the most accessible way to express its personality. We create that visual expression—mainly through the logo, the web site, and printed materials.

Our studio develops unique visual solutions for clients who understand the value of design and know that it’s a smart investment in their brand. We use design to craft a brand’s personality and promise, to communicate in a clear, effective, and compelling way. Our approach is smart and deliberate and always takes full advantage of the medium, be it identity, print, or web. We bring a passionate design ethic, a meticulous attention to detail, dynamic visual sensibilities, and rigorous information design skills to every project—elevating the level of design delivered to the consumer while at the same time keeping it accessible and engaging.

Hazen was founded by Shawn Hazen (read Shawn’s bio) to put to use his years of experience with great companies like Apple Computer, Chronicle Books, and Dwell Magazine. Shawn feels strongly that great design makes a connection with people; it communicates with them, literally