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I have been working with Shawn Hazen for two decades (at Chronicle Books, Dwell magazine, and for the past five years, at the urban planning think tank, SPUR). There’s a reason for that! Shawn is immensely talented (obviously) but on top of that you’ll find no designer with as much versatility. Shawn is super communicative, extremely flexible (and fast!), full of great ideas—and just a pleasure to work with. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Allison Arieff
Editorial Director
SPUR, the San Francisco Bay Area Planning
and Urban Research Association


When I started a new marketing position with a university theatre, one of my co-workers came to me with a poster from a previous production. He said, “if you can promise we will never again have a design like this for any of our shows, we will be very happy with you.” As this meant that one of my first tasks was hiring a new graphic designer, a friend referred me to Hazen Creative. I was considering two other companies at the time, but as soon as I saw Shawn’s portfolio on his site, I knew he was our guy. He has been our only designer for almost a year now, and I can’t imagine being able to (or wanting to) do my job without him. Not only is he patient with a great sense of humor, but students, faculty, staff and audience members actually seek me out to ask who does our graphic design and request that I convey their compliments to him on his work. Without sacrificing creativity or the ability to create designs that are tailored to the individual feel of each production, Hazen Creative has started us down the path toward an actual “branding” for our overall marketing concept. I look forward to working with him for many more seasons to come!

Nichole Cooper
Marketing & Communications Manager
Theatre and Interpretation Center
Northwestern University, School of Communication


Working with Hazen Creative has been a pleasure from the beginning! They actually designed a new logo for our foundation and then created all of our new collateral marketing materials. Not only were the designs spectacular—modern, compelling, clean, and effective—but working with Shawn was delightful and inspiring. He helped us develop cohesion in our branding and to apply a branding philosophy in a number of contexts. It’s been a great partnership, and one that will evolve as our foundation grows.

Beth Ida Stern
Executive Director
LUNGevity Foundation


I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn on many projects, and he approaches each one with great enthusiasm and focus. Shawn really understands how to translate business objectives into smart design, and his work consistently exceeds expectations. He is also extremely receptive to critique, and always willing to push his work in new directions. Shawn’s creative thinking adds value to the process beyond great design, and his pleasant, professional demeanor make working with him a breeze!

Elizabeth Powers-Charest
Internet Marketing Manager


When it came time to design the website for my novel, All Falls Down, I was referred to Hazen Creative by a peer. My team had put a lot of time and effort into creating the assets for what we were terming the All Falls Down Experience, a much more dynamic and out-of-the box approach to marketing a work of fiction. That said, I was intent upon finding a designer who could take what we had done on the print and collateral side of things and translate it onto the web while also broadening the scope of the narrative we were telling. Not only did Hazen Creative meet my expectations, but Shawn Hazen proved as dynamic a thinker as anyone I worked with. He brought ideas to the table that enhanced the AFD Experience and opened up pathways to additional creative outlets. It’s an extremely good feeling when someone you are working with is clearly excited about your product. Shawn’s expertise showed itself in the look of the finished site as well as in the user-interface, which allows visitors to dive as deep as they want into the AFD Experience while keeping their journey simple and relatable. Since launching the site we’ve gotten nothing but rave reviews about our online presence. I couldn’t be happier with the work Hazen Creative has done for us and the end result of our partnership.

Isaac Perry
Paradox Media
Author of ALL FALLS DOWN: A Novel


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