Holiday Gift Ideas for Designers

Really, this is just my Christmas List disguised as a blog post. But perhaps there are other people out there shopping for designers who could benefit from this list of designerdy items.

↑ Moo Gift Certificate
Designers love to print! Here’s an excuse for them to act on that funky sticker idea they’ve had rattling around in the back of their head. Or a kick in the pants to finally get some new business cards.

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↑ Present and Correct
This shop is a wonderland of the kind of oddball ephemera and office supplies designers love. One of the old Russian type specimens above adorns a wall at Hazen Creative HQ, but there’s tons more to explore here.

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↑ My Favorite Sketchbook
We’ve used up so, so many of these simple, inexpensive spiral-bound sketchbooks. They come in a ton of colors, and the 5.5″ x 8.5″ size is our favorite, as is the spiral bound, which lays flat and makes sketching on the go (and scanning!) much easier. It’s readily available a lot of places, though I’ve been getting mine at Blick. The link below will take you to Amazon.

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↑ Ortho Desktop Organizer
This Etsy find from Portland maker Matthew Bietz is available in red, yellow, or white powder coated steel.

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↑ Arrow Hooks
Designers love arrows! Designers have coats! Finally a way to bring those two things together!

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↑ Typographic Bookends
The designer on your list almost certainly has books spilling off the shelves all over their house. Help them keep those cherished tomes upright! And will a typographic flourish they’ll appreciate. A few to choose from!

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↑ Knit Pillow Covers
Funky, geometric patterns knit with sustainable fibers.

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↑ Line Phono Record Frame
Few designers can resist the allure of a great record sleeve. In fact, my record collection started well before I ever had a turntable, just out of appreciation for the artwork. There’s no shortage of frame options for LPs out there, but this is one of the nicer recent options. Not only is it nicely made, it allows easy access to the sleeve for playing or frequent art swapping. Bonus points if you give this with a killer cover already inserted!

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↑ Designy Tees
Limited edition tees from Cotton Bureau. A lot to look at here, but no surprise that my faves are the abstract geometric ones.

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Animated Covers by Henning M. Lederer

A couple years back, Mr. Lederer got in touch to say he was animating a bunch of the 60s- and 70s-era books covers we showcase over at our blog Book Worship. The resulting animation was incredibly cool—see it here. And he just let us know he did a new one with covers sourced from another design-obsessive, Julian Montague.

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