Collection: Architectural Forum Magazine


Some faves from my collection of 60s and 70s era Architectural Forum magazine. The covers are so graphic and beautiful. For more covers and a nice, concise history of the magazine, visit Codex99.

Chicagotype, Greatest Hits

Our good friend David Sieren, president of the AIGA Chicago chapter, told me about a talk they have coming up that is very near and dear to my heart: typography in Chicago. For years, I kept up a blog of images of typographic signage in Chicago. Here’s a small sampling of the several hundred images over at And if you happen to be in Chicago, check out the event the AIGA is putting on in October.

Collection: National Parks Brochures

Years ago, I took a massive solo road trip around the American Southwest. There’s a lot to see out there, and most of the big sights are National Parks, which means that with the price of admission came a copy of the well-designed brochure for that destination. Though they’ve changed a bit in recent years (a switch from Helvetica to Myriad, for example) they all adhered to the original, impressively-gridded system developed by Massimo Vignelli. The design accommodates anything a particular spot needs to convey, whether it’s a map, a montage of illustrated infographics, massive amounts of text—or all of the above. A design classic.

Collection: 45 Sleeves

It’s no secret we love records around here. But (pretty much) the only 45s in the collection are here solely because of the sleeves. Here’s a few examples.

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