Convergence: The Art Collection of the National Academy of Sciences

This book published by the National Academy of Sciences celebrates the intersection of art and science. The Cultural Programs at the NAS has an amazing collection encompassing painting, prints, sculpture, photography, and architecture, and here pairs them with essays by art and science thought-leaders.


The varied material presented unique design challenges, which Hazen addressed with a strong but flexible grid. The scientific nature of the subject inspired subtle typographic touches and the timeline-like table of contents.


We also designed an online version of the book.

  • convergence-front-cover-hazen
  • convergence-back-and-casewrap-hazen
  • convergence-spread-5-hazen
  • convergence-spread-1-hazen
  • convergence-spread-2-hazen
  • convergence-spread-4-hazen
  • convergence-spread-3-hazen
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