Crooked Fork Brewery

This new brewery and tap room in northern Chicago gets its name from a corkscrew-like fork invented by one of the founders, made to hold savory herbs while eating. This unusual approach to, and emphasis on, flavor is a big part of the beers themselves, yet there is a traditional element to them as well. The logo is similarly clean but classic, and marries well with the old warehouse space that the brewery/restaurant occupies, which will be a modernized update of the workmanlike, brick building.

This project is still under development, but we’re having a lot of fun with it. Like making the business cards look like little coasters (last image.)

  • Red Brick Wall Background
  • crooked-fork-coaster
  • Pint of Beer
  • crooked-fork-bottles
  • Brick mural inside the restaurant
  • These are actually the business cards.
  • crooked-fork-shirts
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