Frozen Arcs

An identity for a record company that puts out the work of a diverse range of musical projects, from synth pop to noisy post-rock. Originally, the idea was to use a type only approach, with something minimal but unique and custom—since the name itself is memorable and different on its own. When branding needed to be extremely small and unobtrusive (ie the spine of a cassette) an additional symbol was created as a visual “shorthand” for the company. The symbol is an abstraction of the name itself, showing an “arc” arrested mid-swing by a sharp slash derived from the form in the custom type. These two simple geometric forms were also conceived as equally abstract F and A shapes.

  • Hazen-frozen-arcs-logotype-lg
  • The branding on a 7-inch record, showing the secondary symbol
  • Detail of the logotype on a release
  • Home page
  • The branding system on the spines of cassettes (yes cassettes!)
  • Some pages from the brand guidelines
  • Case box for vinyl
    Cardboard box.
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