Lavo Solutions Branding

Lavo Solutions distributes equipment that mixes chemicals and water in restaurant, healthcare, and hospitality laundry and cleaning systems. After coming up with the name (based on the Spanish for “wash”) the client came to Hazen for a logo and brand system. Though separate symbols were explored, it was clear that a strong visual wordmark was the way to go. So we created this logotype that links the letters into a wave representing the “flow” of the products. It is being applied to web and traditional printed branding, as well as the hardware itself.

  • lavo-logo-detail-hazen
  • lavo-business-cards-hazen
  • On a product.
  • One of several sell sheets explaining the products to customers.
  • Select spreads from the brand guidelines.
  • Web landing page.
  • Detail of the team shirt.
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