WWIT Conference

Our pals at Shiny Day have been working with Avery Dennison for awhile, and we’ve helped them out on a number of projects. This was a fun one: to create an identity for the annual gathering of the company’s Worldwide IT employees. The theme for 2014 was “Collaborative Leadership in the Age of Social Technology”, so a typographic monogram was created to represent both collaboration and social connections though the linking of nodes to create letters. The letters themselves are linked to one another also, in an ever-changing series of configurations. The strong palette uses colors from Avery Dennison’s brand guidelines, but does so in a new way that is fresh among their branded initiatives.

  • Banner Bug - Roll Up Banner Mock-Up_02
  • WWIT-big-banner-new
  • WWIT-directional-sign
  • id-card-WWIT
  • WWIT-notebook
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