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Logo & Identity

  • Golden Mean Logo

    Golden Mean Logo

  • Bay Cities Metals

    Bay Cities Metals

  • Hero Brand Communications Identity

    Hero Brand Communications Identity

  • Time Traveler Identity

    Time Traveler Identity

  • Nora Seaweed Snacks

    Nora Seaweed Snacks

  • Lavo Solutions Branding

    Lavo Solutions Branding

  • Apple Store Studio Logo and Signage

    Apple Store Studio Logo and Signage

  • Omaxen


  • Rowboat Wood Logo

    Rowboat Wood Logo

  • 26characters Identity

    26characters Identity

  • Frozen Arcs

    Frozen Arcs

  • Smith


  • Elevele


  • Helix Eye Care

    Helix Eye Care

  • Forward Space

    Forward Space

  • Optimas Branding

    Optimas Branding

  • Crooked Fork Brewery

    Crooked Fork Brewery

  • Artisan Logo

    Artisan Logo

  • Yellow Stage Door Studio

    Yellow Stage Door Studio

  • Audioform


  • Berrista


  • Apple Camp Branding and Campaign

    Apple Camp Branding and Campaign

  • Urban Cartography Exhibit

    Urban Cartography Exhibit

  • Lead Intelligently

    Lead Intelligently

  • Candice C. Cusic Photography

    Candice C. Cusic Photography

  • Chicago Veterinary Cancer Center

    Chicago Veterinary Cancer Center

  • City Tech

    City Tech

  • Yoga Shop Logo

    Yoga Shop Logo

  • WWIT Conference

    WWIT Conference

  • Antarctica


  • Davenport Caufield

    Davenport Caufield

  • Daybreak Editions

    Daybreak Editions

  • Brekeke


  • Gecko


  • Bonk


  • TON Logo

    TON Logo

  • Wildcat Golf Academy

    Wildcat Golf Academy

  • EntroPay


  • First Data Corporation

    First Data Corporation

  • Alloy Design Products

    Alloy Design Products

  • August Equity Group

    August Equity Group

  • 2nd Story

    2nd Story

  • The Dwell Home

    The Dwell Home

  • Begin Skateboards

    Begin Skateboards

  • Apogee Wellness

    Apogee Wellness

  • TurtleScarf


  • Dwell Magazine

    Dwell Magazine

  • Logo Archive 3

    Logo Archive 3

  • Logo Archive 2

    Logo Archive 2

  • Logo Archive 1

    Logo Archive 1

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