The Logo Design Process



We like to bring our clients into the logo design process earlier than most studios. After a good long talk about the client’s goals, we brainstorm a ton of possibilities and share them. When we’ve established several to explore, we’ll go off and sketch (literally, like with pencil and paper) and then share those sketches. Sometimes these first two steps are combined—the broad brainstorming is accompanied by sketches—but the outcome is the same: the client gets to be a part of the ideation before a single pixel has been pushed.

Once the sketches are turned into a bunch of actual designs on the computer, we present them, and the client can take a couple of them into the refinement stage. We know sometimes it’s hard to choose just one! So we like to help them make a strong decision by offering to button up a couple options to consider.

Depending on the amount of back and forth, the complexity of the client’s needs, and whether other elements (secondary graphics, etc.) are involved, the process can take a couple of weeks or a month. But this basic approach remains the same.

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