The Urbanist in Seattle

We’ve been fortunate enough to have been designing SPUR’s magazine “The Urbanist” for years now. Every issue is a fun and interesting project. But when the editor, Allison Arieff, told us the June/July 2017 issue would be on Seattle, we jumped at the chance to pitch in a little more than usual. Shawn ran around town shooting images for the stories, including the cover image, which features a construction crane in front of the iconic Space Needle. (The issue heavily discusses the fact that Seattle is building new housing like crazy right now.)

The issue was also fortuitously timed as Shawn had just launched a new image blog featuring Brutalist Buildings in Seattle. Like his previous Chicago-centric site on the same theme, documents the area’s striking, if not universally-loved, concrete buildings. Allison suggested it would be a great subject for the “Field Notes” section of the magazine, which is a photo essay on a specific urban subject. It’s always our favorite piece to lay out each issue. Even more fun when it’s your own images.

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