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    Hero Brand Communications Identity

    SPUR Annual Reports

    Time Traveler Packaging

    Time Traveler Identity

    Nora Seaweed Snacks Packaging

    Nora Seaweed Snacks

    Resilient by Design Book

    Not One More Rally

    Lavo Solutions Branding


    Resonance Insights

    Visual Stimulus Album

    Rowboat Wood Logo

    Karen Kolbe

    American Shakespeare Center

    Pinnacle Animal Hospital

    Helix Homes Web Site

    Resilient by Design, Briefing Book

    Redesigned McEvoy Wine Labels

    26characters Identity

    Recent design for “The Urbanist”

    Hyde Park Angels

    The Motoworks

    CirrusOne Web Site

    Town and Country Conservatories

    Frozen Arcs

    Starchitecture Book

    IKE Packaging and Supporting Materials

    PRO Sports Drink Packaging

    McEvoy Culinary Packaging

    McEvoy Saimuun Wines

    Momentum Magazine, MSI Chicago

    McEvoy Reserve Wine

    Various Album Cover Designs


    Yellow Stage Door Studio


    Helix Eye Care

    Forward Space

    Optimas Branding

    Crooked Fork Brewery

    Artisan Logo



    Urban Cartography Exhibit

    Lead Intelligently

    Candice C. Cusic Photography

    Chicago Veterinary Cancer Center

    City Tech

    Yoga Shop Logo

    WWIT Conference


    Davenport Caufield

    Daybreak Editions




    Wildcat Golf Academy


    First Data Corporation

    TON Logo

    Collaborative Coaching

    Deliberate Productions

    Alloy Design Products

    Redwood Capital Group

    2nd Story

    August Equity Group

    The Dwell Home

    Begin Skateboards

    Apogee Wellness

    Pilates Pro




    Crown Guides

    Dwell Magazine

    Logo Archive 2

    Logo Archive 1

    Swingline Packaging

    Hatchback 12-inch

    Windsurf “Weird Energy” CD

    Various SPUR Print Pieces

    SoundLab Event Invitation

    Jackson Square Design Walk Posters

    McEvoy Ranch Wines

    Kaleidos Wine Labels

    New Leaf Theatre Posters

    Northwestern Theatre Season Posters

    Northwestern Theater 2009/10 Mailer

    Iron and Wine T-shirts

    Miscellaneous Posters

    Hazen Look and Feel Cards

    Iron and Wine Posters

    YMCA Big Picture Deck

    Airwest Posters

    Color Burn Album Covers

    Dwell Magazine Cards

    Silver SPUR Event Materials

    Smith Web Site

    Fielday Website

    TON Web Site

    Lothan Van Hook DeStefano Architecture

    SVBio Web Site

    Sage Innovation Web Site


    Sites for NickXD

    Gridness Blog

    Vessel Ideation

    Redwood Capital Group

    Audio Interface

    Convergence Book Online Book and Site


    Chicago Veterinary Cancer Center

    Iron and Wine

    Robotcha Web Site



    Collaborative Coaching

    Ixaris Web Site

    Wise Guides iPhone App

    All Falls Down Web Site

    SPUR Good Government Awards

    The Dwell Home

    Alta at K Station

    Rob Burger Web Site

    Alloy Design Products

    Greenhorn Legal

    The Rookery Building

    Northwestern Musical Theater Mailers

    Archived Web 1

    The Japanese House Reinvented

    The Urbanist Magazine

    Le Corbusier, The Built Work

    Convergence: The Art Collection of the National Academy of Sciences

    Cooper’s Hawk Book

    Urbanist Magazine Covers

    The Flavor Features Book

    Field Notes section from The Urbanist Magazine

    Nope Magazine

    Dwell Magazine, Feature Spreads

    Dwell Magazine, Calendar Section

    Dwell Magazine, Table of Contents

    Opacity: The Architectural Image Today

    The Male Mystique

    Nerve: The New Nude

    Tokyo: A Certain Style

    Pad and Pad Parties

    The Visionary State

    Apple Store Studio Logo and Signage

    Apple Micro Store

    Apple Life Sciences Posters

    Apple Pro Apps Booklet

    Apple Computer Sciences Posters

    Apple Camp Branding and Campaign

    Apple EncycliPodia Brochure

    Custom Logotypes: Funky

    Custom Logotypes: Clean

    Typeface Design

    Various Band Logotypes


    SkyCity Web Site

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